Top News for April 4, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for April 04, 2014:

  1. Facebook may be interested in offering some level of anonymity on the social network. The company has met with the people behind the anonymous social app Secret to see how they can work together, according to a report by Mike Isaac on Recode. That report was based on two sources who, naturally, wished to remain anonymous. Read more at

  2. Nest, the company best known for its smart thermostat (and also for being acquired by Google in January), says they're going to stop selling their smoke alarm product until they fix a defect that could prevent the alarm from sounding during a fire. The company is also doing a very interesting recall -- we’ll get to that in a minute. The problem, which hasn't been reported by users, is that “unique combination of circumstances” could activate Nest Wave, which is a motion-gesture control interface for turning off the alarm sound. Critics are slamming the company for the flaw and using the Nest as the poster child for what's wrong with smart devices and the Internet of things. Read more at

  3. Apple may have acquired a company called Novauris to power voice recognition for Siri, according to a report by Sarah Perez on TechCrunch. Read more at

  4. A San Diego, California, resident named Kristoffer Von Hassel was officially thanked by Microsoft for exposing a flaw in Xbox Live. The flaw enabled people to log into an account without knowing the password. He was also added to the company’s list of recognised security researchers. But here’s the thing: Kristoffer is five years old. He discovered that entering the wrong password on his dad’s Xbox Live account brought up a second password-verification screen. By simply pressing the spacebar to fill up the password field, the system would accept those spaces as the correct password. Microsoft has now fixed the flaw. Kristopher thought he’d get in trouble with dad. Instead, Microsoft gave him four free games and a one-year free subscription to Xbox Live all his own. Read more at

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