Top News for April 29, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for April 29, 2014:

  1. Google plans to replace its Nexus line of phones with new branding and a new concept for how the phones get built. In an exclusive on The Information, Senior Reporter Amir Efrati says that the new Android Silver handsets will be high-end phones built by multiple handset makers to Google’s specifications. Read more at

  2. Nokia named Rajeev Suri as its new CEO. The company’s $7.8 billion sale of its mobile handset business to Microsoft was completed Friday also involved the loss of its CEO, Stephen Elop, who will run Microsoft’s Devices & Services group. In related Nokia news, former CEO Stephen Elop clarified recent news around the branding of Microsoft’s handsets. He said that the name of the handset division was named Microsoft Mobile Oy only for legal reasons related to the merger, and that the name would not be seen by consumers. Microsoft will not use the Nokia brand, either. The branding for Microsoft’s future handsets has not been decided by the company. Read more at

  3. Samsung unveiled its Galaxy K zoom camera phone -- it’s really a camera that happenes to have an Android phone built in. The phone has a retractable 10x zoom lens and 20.7-megapixel camera electronics. Read more at

  4. Google added a new feature to Google Glass that gives you information about things nearby with a voice command. The new top-level command is: “OK Glass, Explore Nearby.” That launches the Field Trip app, which checks your location, then searches the Field Trip databases for nearby points of interest, businesses and historical events. The app might be the original Google Glass app, oddly enough. It was developed before even the Google Glass Explorer program launched. But because Glass wasn’t ready, Google launched it first as a smartphone app. Later, they offered it as a somewhat obscure peripheral app. But today, it becomes what it was originally intended to be: A top-level command app for Glass, equal to commands like “take a picture” or “get directions.” Read more at

  5. announced today a new online store dedicated to wearable computing. The store, which is found at, has a pretty broad definition for wearable computing, a definition that includes GoPro cameras. The store also plans to sell Samsung smartwartches, Jawbone fitness bands and the Narrative Clip lifelogging camera. The site also includes a “Learning Center” with product videos and buying guides. Read more at

  6. Acer announced a new flagship smartphone today, and a wearable wrist device to go with it. The phone is called the Liquid Jade and the smart band is called the Liquid Leap. Acer didn’t reveal a lot of details about either device -- no specs, ship dates or prices -- but the phone looks like a 5-inch screen device and the wearable is more of a fitness band than a smartwartch. Read more at

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