Top News for April 28, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for April 28, 2014:

  1. Microsoft revealed a new Internet Explorer flaw over the weekend. The zero-day vulnerability affects more than half the web browsers currently in use worldwide. Read more at

  2. We’ve been keeping you up to date with Comcast’s proposed $45 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable. As part of its plan to satisfy regulators, the company announced a plan today to hand 3.9 million subscribers over to cable operator Charter. The divestiture is worth about $20 billion and are intended to keep Comcast’s control of the cable TV market after the acquisition to under 30 percent. The real problem, however, is Comcast’s control of the home Internet service provider market. Read more at

  3. Microsoft rolled out details over the weekend about its original TV shows and movies exclusive to Xbox. These include a Halo project directed by Ridley Scott. Read more at

  4. Silicon Valley’s Stanford University is building an experimental game controller that detects how the player is feeling. It’s designed to tell if you’re excited, bored, happy, sad or afraid. Read more at

  5. Both Apple and Samsung have issued alerts about problems with some of their phones. Some iPhone 5s have faulty sleep/wake buttons. And a small number of Galaxy S5 handsets have cameras that don’t work. Apple promised to replace the faulty parts; Samsung promised to replace affected phones. Read more at

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