Top News for April 2, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for April 02, 2014:

  1. Amazon finally unveiled its new video streaming hardware, called the Amazon Fire TV, today. Read more at

  2. Yesterday was the first day of a shiny, new Apple-Samsung lawsuit where the two most profitable handset makers haggle over patents. Apple and Samsung went straight for the legal jugular in their opening arguments yesterday, with Apple saying that Samsung quote: “Crossed to the dark side” and blatantly copied the iPhone and Samsung countering by saying that Apple is trying to limit consumer choice. Read more at

  3. Is Bitcoin money? It’s an important question. For example, the IRS says it’s property, not currency. And of course they would say that. If it's property, they can tax it. And it turns out that Ross Ulbricht, the alleged creator of the Silk Road online black market agrees with the IRS, according to a new article on by Andrew Greenberg. You see, Silk Road used Bitcoin as the method of payment. And Ulbricht is charged with, among other things, money laundering. He says that if Bitcoin isn’t money, then how could there be money laundering? Read more at

  4. Microsoft's Build developer conference starts today in San Francisco. And it looks like the company gave us an accidental hint of what they’ll be announcing. A web site was spotted yesterday called Windows on Devices dot com. It was quickly taken down. But not before a few bloggers got to rifle through its contents. They found a promotional site talking about Microsoft quote "bringing Windows to a whole new class of small devices -- talking bears, robots, a smart coffee mug and the Internet of Things running Windows and powered by Intel's Galileo platform. The site also talked about a forthcoming SDK, and bragged about a life-sized piano, which may debut at the Build conference today. Read more at

  5. Google is asking the Supreme Court to decide whether the company’s harvesting of unencrypted WiFi traffic by StreetView cars was legal or illegal. Read more at

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