Top News for April 10, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for April 10, 2014:

  1. Facebook is killing the messaging feature of its mobile app. Instead, they want you to use the dedicated Messenger app. It’s all part of Facebook’s multi-app strategy. Read more at

  2. Dropbox wants you to do a lot more than drop things into boxes. The company yesterday unveiled a range of apps for both consumers and businesses. Read more at

  3. An iOS app called Mailbox was so hot when it launched as an invitation-only iOS app just over a year ago that it had more than a million people on the waiting list and the company that made it was quickly acquired by Dropbox. Well yesterday, Mailbox announced its first Android version and also the beta version of a Mailbox Mac application. Read more at

  4. A new Indiegogo crowd funded project called TinkerBots aims to create modules that snap together to create instant robots. Read more at

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