Top News for April 1, 2014


Here are today's top stories from Tech News Today for April 01, 2014:

  1. Yahoo may be in talks to buy a video syndication and advertising company called News Distribution Network, according to an exclusive in The Wall Street Journal by Doug MacMillan. The sale price could be about $300 million, according to the report. Read more at

  2. New data from a mobile-app measurement and advertising company called Flurry says the average user spends six times more smartphone time using native apps compared to the mobile web. Read more at

  3. Twitter made major moves this week to boost its connection to the world of television. The company acquired two TV-related companies in Europe, including France’s Mesagraph and the UK’s SecondSync. Twitter also announced that it’s increasing its partnership with Kantar Media, a marketing research firm. Read more at

  4. A mandatory kill switch could save consumers $2.6 billion each year, according to research out of Creighton (CRAY-ton) University. A kill switch is the ability to remotely erase smartphones when they're lost or stolen. Read more at

  5. A free new browser extension called SellHack adds an unauthorized button on Linkedin profiles that appears to let you see hidden email addresses. The extension doesn’t actually hack Linkedin. Instead, it checks publicly available data and, barring that, actually guesses the email address. Read more at

  6. Everyone, it seems, is doing original TV-like programming these days, from Netflix to Amazon. Now even AOL is getting into the act. And, no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. AOL has commissioned a reality show called “Connected,” which is a copy -- I mean an adaptation of an Israeli series. Set in New York City, the US “Connected” will enable viewers to watch five cast members as they record their lives with handheld video cameras. The half-hour show premiers in January 2015 on the AOL On Network. Read more at

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