Social Tip: Vine Time Travel and Sessions


This week's Social Tip involves getting the most out of Vine, Twitter's social network that allows you to share 6 second video clips. Vine's latest release introduced two new features: "Time Travel" and "Sessions".

Sessions is basically an alternative term for "drafts". It allows you to start up to ten Vines to finish later. The next feature, "Time Travel", makes it possible to rearrange and replace shots to extend the editing capability of Vine.

Vine is clearly here to stay, and it's now being used by both individuals and companies alike. These updates are just the next logical step toward making more interesting videos that you're proud to post.

- Get Vine for iOS (free)
- Get Vine for Android (free)
- How to Get Started With Vine Sessions and Time Travel (Mashable)

For more on Vine's new features, check out episode 134 of The Social Hour with Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane.