Social Tip: Social Media Frequency Guide


How often should you be posting to social media sites? This Social Media Frequency Guide on answers that question with research conducted by several companies including Buffer, Social Bakers, LunaMetrics, Track Social, and more. If you're trying to use social media to grow a business, it's important to know what will be effective, and what will be annoying to an audience.

For instance, the guide recommends posting to Twitter 14 times per day. It goes further in depth to show what times are optimal for tweeting. It also has recommendations for posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. The guide has charts and graphs illustrating the amount of responses companies received at various times throughout the day, and when engagement started to dwindle. There are also stats on the life cycle of a post, depending on the social network it's on.

Ultimately, there is no definitive rule on what times and frequencies are best for everyone. However, this guide has great data showing how other popular companies got the best results on social media. Read the Social Media Frequency Guide at To hear this week's Social Tip involving this guide, check out The Social Hour episode 158 with Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane.