Social Tip: Nikon Photography Tutorials

Nikon Camera

Nikon recently launched a video series called “Nikon Behind the Scenes.” These are short tutorials that will help you become a better photographer. These tips are great for photo enthusiasts, but they’re also helpful to anyone who wants to share better photos on social media.

Nikon is releasing 15 videos total on YouTube and on their Google+ page. Each video is about 3 minutes long, and focus on different areas of expertise. This includes lighting, shooting portraits, capturing action, and more. These videos all feature Nikon products, of course, but the advice is helpful whether you’re a Nikon user or not.

This is a great strategy for Nikon, because everybody wins. Nikon benefits because it encourages people to buy Nikon products, and everyone else wins by learning techniques from professional photographers.

- Get the video series schedule (TheNextWeb)
- Watch the videos from the series (YouTube)
- Check out Nikon’s Google+ page

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