Social Tip: Make a Reading List from Twitter App

Twitter for iPhone

When the Twitter app for iPhone was updated to version 6.0 in December, a new feature was introduced: Safari Reading List support. This makes it possible to save articles right to Safari for reading later. Just tap on the tweet containing the link you’d like to save, then tap on the ellipsis at the bottom. This will bring up the menu that has the new option, “Send to Reading List.” The links can then be accessed from the bookmarks menu in Safari.

This especially can come in handy when researching while on the go. It’s also a great alternative to fav’ing a tweet just for the purpose of saving it for later, when you may not have actually wanted to favorite it. This little feature could easily make you think twice about the way you approach Twitter.

To find out more on this new Twitter function, and how it benefits Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane, check out The Social Hour episode 147.

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