Social Tip: LastPass


This week's Social Tip is about managing your passwords with LastPass. Once installed, LastPass will store secure and unique passwords for each service you use. It will generate secure and complex passwords, and will allow you to quickly change them in the event a password is compromised. The idea is that you only need to remember one password: the one to access your password vault.

Some people have concerns that putting all of your passwords into one vault could be risky, but this Lifehacker article explains why LastPass is a secure solution. This has also been recommended by security expert Steve Gibson on Security Now.

With the holidays fast approaching, this is a great time to introduce Last Pass to relatives who may be looking to you for tech help. LastPass is free to install on the desktop, and just $12 a year for the mobile apps on smartphones and tablets. LastPass is available on iOS, Android, Windows phone, and Blackberry.

For more on using LastPass, check out The Social Hour episode 139 with Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane.