Social Tip: Improve Your Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest on iPad

A few weeks ago on The Social Hour, Amber mentioned that Pinterest sends out a newsletter to business owners who want to do a better job of using the site. So this week’s Social Tip comes from the latest article, which gives three simple and effective ways to improve your pins on Pinterest.

Tips include using vertical pins, having longer descriptions, and keeping messages positive. These are good tips whether you’re building your own personal brand, or a brand that you work for. Some of these ideas may seem obvious, but it serves as a good reminder to adhere to these guidelines to get better engagement.

Pinterest is a site that can become very messy and ugly if it isn’t well maintained. If you aren’t paying attention to the visual layout of your page, it can look cluttered and will have less of an impact. To read more about these tips, check out the post on Pinterest’s blog. To hear Amber and Sarah’s discussion about using Pinterest, check out The Social Hour episode 154.