Social Tip: If This Then That for Android


If This Then That (or "IFTTT" for short) is a free and powerful tool for connecting services and automating tasks online. It has been available on the web at, and has had an app exclusively on iOS -- until now. IFTTT has just recently released it's app for Android phones and tablets.

IFTTT allows you to create a "recipe" that assigns a trigger to a corresponding action. For instance, you could have IFTTT backup all of the Instagram photos you take to Dropbox or Google Drive. It can be used to send you alerts or automate posts to social networking sites. You can discover even more possibilties by browsing premade recipes from other users. If you're using Android, this is an indispensable tool that you can now use to your advantage.

- Learn more about IFTTT (Official Website)
- Get IFTTT for Android (Google Play)
- Get IFTTT for iOS (iOS App Store)

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