Social Tip: HipChat for Group Messaging


This week's Social Tip is a private group chatting app from Atlassian called "HipChat." If you work in a small business, HipChat makes it really simple to collaborate either one-on-one or with a team. There are competitors in this space, but HipChat is truly a cross-platform solution. It's available through the web, on iOS and Android, and has desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux.

HipChat has support for posting a variety of files and photos in addition to plain text. You can just drag and drop files into the app, and it will post it to the room. It also features searchable chat history, so if you join the conversation later, you won't miss out on what was discussed.

This is great solution for real-time, instant conversation where email might be too slow or cluttered. It's also very easy to set up -- there's no need to run any server software or maintain anything. HipChat is free for groups of 5 people or less, and it's $2 for each additional user per month.

Find out more about HipChat at

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