Social Tip: Hide LinkedIn Activity Updates

This week's social tip from The Social Hour 164 is to turn off activity updates in LinkedIn. By default, LinkedIn broadcasts every change you make on your profile to all of your connections. That could be problematic, especially if you have a job but want to keep your options open for something else. Even if you're not actively searching for another job, consistent and frequent updates could send your boss the wrong message.

Activity updates can also cause confusion. People may congratulate you on a new job, when you're only adding a new role or responsibility. Or perhaps you just don't want to annoy all of your connections if you're making a lot of changes to your account.

LinkedIn makes it pretty easy to turn off these activity updates. Go to "Privacy and Settings" and select "Turn On/Off Your Activity Broadcasts." Make sure to uncheck the box that would let LinkedIn from notifying your connections when changes are made to your account.

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