Social Tip: Google Maps Update

Google Maps iOS

Google Maps was updated recently to version 3.0 on iOS and version 8.0 on Android. It introduced a number of new features, including lane assist. The app now has an icon that shows how many lanes there are, and highlights which one you should be in for the next step. It also will tell you through voice commands. This helps you get to your destination in not only the fastest way possible, but also the safest way.

Other additions to the Google Maps app include more public transit information. For example, it will show you how much walking is involved if you need to transfer to another transportation line. Google Maps now includes Uber in the list of transportation options, where available. It also allows users to select and download maps for offline use.

For many users, Google Maps has already been the best mobile mapping app. These new updates make it even better. The update is available in major metropolitan areas in the US, and on highways in Canada. Hopefully this will roll out to other countries soon as well. Google Maps is free on iOS and Android.

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