Social Tip: Get More From Your Gmail Address


This week's Social Tip on The Social Hour 172 involves getting more from your Gmail address. Many people don't know that Gmail gives you a lot of flexibility with your email address. Your address works the same whether or not you use a period before the @ symbol. For example, works the same as Gmail also lets you add on to your email address using a "+" sign. This means your regular email address could become

While this may seem like nothing more than useful trivia so far, it can be used to serve a very practical and convenient purpose. This trick combined with Gmail's filters makes it possible to prioritize or deprioritize messages. This could be especially handy when sites require an email address to sign up for something. For example, you could add "+signup" to your email address, then have Gmail automatically archive all messages sent to that address. Or you could use it to categorize messages from friends and coworkers. The possibilities are endless, and you can find out about more them with this guide from Gizmodo.

To hear more about this little known Gmail trick, check out The Social Hour episode 172 with Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane.