Social Tip: Get iOS Notifications on Mac

This week's tip on The Social Hour episode 163 is an app that pushes iOS notifications to the Mac. The app is called Notifyr, and it uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect your iOS device to the Mac. It doesn't allow you to reply to the notifications, however.

This is a handy tool, especially if you have your phone in another part of the house while you're on the computer. Even if your iOS device is nearby, it's still possible to miss new notifications. This is quite possibly the easiest way to add this capability, at least until Apple integrates iOS notifications natively on the Mac. The app for iOS costs $3.99, while its Mac counterpart is free. Both apps are required for it to work.

- Find out more about Notifyr, and download the free Mac app
- Get Notifyr for iOS ($3.99)

For more on Notifyr, check out The Social Hour episode 163 with Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane.