Social Tip: Get All iOS Notifications on Google Glass

Google Glass

This week's social tip on The Social Hour episode 160 extends the capabilities of Google Glass for iOS users. In December, Google launched an iOS version of the MyGlass companion app. This made it possible for Glass to integrate with iOS, but it still lacked some of the functionality of MyGlass for Android. One of the limitations of MyGlass on iOS is that it doesn't deliver notifications from third party apps to Google Glass.

Google Glass Explorer Caleb Wong discovered a simple hack that makes it possible to get notifications from third party apps, however. He had installed the MetaWatch manager app to send notifications from iOS to his Bluetooth connected smart watch. Since Glass also connects with Bluetooth, it was detecting the notifcations being forwarded by the MetaWatch app, and displaying them on Google Glass.

MetaWatch Manager for iOS is free in the Apple App Store. For a more detailed explanation of this workaround, check out this article from Gigaom: How to get all notifications from iOS on Google Glass. To hear Amber and Sarah discuss this tip, check out The Social Hour episode 160.