Social Tip: Check Fake Twitter Follower Percentage


This week’s Social Tip from The Social Hour episode 155 is an online tool that shows how many “fake” Twitter followers you have. Because of the mass amounts of spam accounts on Twitter, the number of followers shown on a user profile doesn’t necessarily reflect actual people. There are also a lot of real accounts that are simply inactive. This site will show what percentage of your followers are good, inactive, or fake.

To check your Twitter account’s followers, go to and connect your Twitter account. It’s important to note that doing this will grant StatusPeople access to your account, including the ability to post tweets on your behalf. You may want to revoke this authorization later in your Twitter account to prevent unwanted tweets from being posted. Once you’ve granted authorization to StatusPeople, it will show your “faker scores.” It also gives you the option to check up to 3 of your friend’s Twitter followers.

As an example, Sarah Lane’s followers are 15% fake, 51% inactive (meaning they haven’t tweeted in 100 days), and only 34% good. This shows that in social media, more isn’t really better. It’s about quality rather than quantity, and this realization could lead to better decision making overall.

To hear Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane’s discussion on this, check out The Social Hour episode 155.