Social Tip: Build the Perfect Instagram Profile


If you're wondering how Instagram might help build your personal or company brand, then this infographic on could be useful. It illustrates how long your bio should be, how to write captions, why you should geotag photos, types hashtags you should be using, and more. These suggestions will help communicate the purpose of your account, and engage the Instagram community more.

Amber MacArthur says that when she first started using Instagram, she would just post photos and ignore the conversations in the comments. Once she started using the social network more regularly, however, she began replying to people and "liking" more photos. She found that participating and engaging in the community is the only way to experience Instagram to its fullest.

Many of us don't revisit our own profiles after we create our accounts. This results in old and possible inaccurate bios and photos. If you're spending a lot of time on Instagram, it makes sense to make sure your profile up to date -- especially if you're depending on it for business. You can read more about building the perfect Instagram profile at

For more on Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane's thoughts on this infographic, check out The Social Hour episode 169.