Social Tip: Block Together

Twitter bird in cageThis week's social tip of the week is Block Together. This suggestion comes from Waxy Links, a list of links curated by Andy Baio. Block Together is an API app that helps you cope with harrassers and abusers on Twitter. The idea is that Block Together users can share their list of blocked users with friends, and can auto-block new users who @-reply them.

Tools like these are very helpful as harrassment has become more of an issue on social media. Nobody should have to suffer through something that feels like abuse online, so there's no reason not to take advantage of the block feature. Block Together is currently in beta, and the developer is looking to the community to help develop it further.

Find out more about Block Together at To hear Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane talk about this week's social tip, check out The Social Hour episode 174.