Shannon's Zombie Apocalypse Kit Roundup

Shannon’s Zombie Apocalypse Kit Review

Shannon Morse reviews Power Banks, Goal Zero: Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit, TYLT ENERGI backpack, Bracketron SmartLantern, and the 180s Bluetooth Ear Warmer on Before You Buy episode #106.

Description: The TYLT ENERGI+ Backpack comes equipped with a built-in 10,400mAh battery, NFC tag, and several customized pockets for tech gear.

  • Built in battery
  • NFC tag
  • Pockets for all of your tech gear
  • Less room for random 'stuff'

Price: $199.99

Verdict: Buy!

Description: The Bracketron SmartLantern is a USB charger and an LED light built into one The 7800mAh battery can offer 48 hours of light via the flashlight / lantern housing, or several charges to your smartphone.

  • Long lasting lantern
  • Large 7800mAh battery
  • Not very fireproof
  • Loose charging port

Price: $79.95

Verdict: Don't Buy!

Description: The 180s Bluetooth Ear Warmers are soft and warm, with HD bluetooth speakers built in.

  • Warm and adjustable
  • Good sound quality
  • Too big for my head

Price: $80.00

Verdict: Try!

Description: The Digital Treasures ChargeIt! Power Bank is a universal 3600mAh power bank for several types of products.

  • Small size
  • Long recharge time
  • Chargers will become obsolete

Price: $49.95

Verdict: Don't Buy!

Description: The Powerocks Power Bank Super Magicstick is a 2800mAh battery available in several colors in a small design.

  • Colorful
  • LED changes color for percentage of charge
  • Small capacity

Price: $49.99

Verdict: Don't Buy!

Description: The RAVPower Dynamo On-The-Go Power Bank is a 7800mAh battery with a built in flashlight and 2 USB outputs.

  • Built in flashlight
  • Higher capacity options available
  • None!

Price: $20.00

Verdict: Buy!

Description: The Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit is a rugged charging kit with a solar charger for continuous charging, and AA batteries to charge your smartphone, GPS, and more.

  • Solar charger; you never need a wall adapter
  • Continuous charging
  • Durable and good for hiking
  • Will not charge tablets

Price: $129.98

Verdict: Buy!