News Fuse for September 6, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for September 06, 2013:

  1. The New York Times, ProPublica and The Guardian have reports based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden implying the NSA has the ability to break encryption on SSL, TLS and VPN. Security experts like Bruce Schneier say it's possible the NSA has the ability to break some encryption not known about in the academic community but longer keys, like 2048-bit or 3072-bit RSA keys, would probably thwart it. Snowden himself said in an interview in June that, "properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things you can rely on." Read more at

  2. A promotional video for Android KitKat earlier this week may have shown off a little hint about Google's next Nexus device. Today, a filing from the FCC detailing a new, unreleased LG device shows off possibly more. The Nexus 5 could be the “D820? from the filing:the images shared with the FCC line up closely with the sneak peek revealed in Google’s video, it contains wireless charging based on the Qi standard, a feature of the LG Nexus 4. And per the filing, this supposed Nexus 5 would offer 7-band LTE, 802.11ac Wi-Fi networking, a 5-inch display, and come with Android 4.4 preloaded. Read more at

  3. An Apple announcement is scheduled for next week, so let's pile in as many Apple rumors as possible. According to the WSJ, Apple is currently testing iPhones with screen sizes of 4.8-inches up to 6-inches. Those giganto models are not the ones expected next week. Additionally, 9to5Mac reports that the next version of OS X, Mavericks, will be released at the end of October. There's even murmurs that iPad version of iOS 7 may be pushed back until October. In a strange twist, Apple has confirmed all of these reports as true. Nah, they didn't say that. That was just a rumor. Read more at

  4. Twitter user @evleaks shows pictures supposed to be the new Lumia 1520 Windows Phone. The phone shows a device very similar to previous Lumias, including a camera at the rear and a slight hump like the 925. The device is expected to have a 6-inch 1080p display. The Verge reported earlier this month that AT&T is testing the 1520 for a release in the US by the end of the year. Read more at

  5. Federal judge Denise Cote has issued an injunction against Apple in the case of Apple conspiring with publishers to set ebook prices at the launch of the iBookstore. The injunction, which is set to go into place in 30 days, will last for five years — but the court can extend it for “one or more one-year periods” after that, either on its own or at the request of the DOJ or the states. Apple may seek a stay of the injunction pending its appeal. Read more at

  6. An Apple announcement is scheduled for next week, so let's pile in some more Apple news. The WSJ reports that a verified China Telecom account on Weibo posted an advertisement showing off the iPhone 5S and 5C. The post was taken down, but because this is the Internet, there are tons of screenshots of the post floating around the web. The post said that China would be one of the first markets to get the new iPhones. That would be an unusual move for Apple since China normally had to wait months before getting the previous versions of the iPhones. Read more at

  7. Google rolled out Chrome Apps yesterday. The Chrome browser has had Web apps in a store since 2010, but the new apps work more like native apps you'd find in Windows, OSX or Linux. Among other capabilities, they can work outside the browser window, work offline and sync across platforms. The apps only work in Windows and ChromeOS right now. OSX capability should arrive in 6 weeks. 50 apps can be found in the web store at launch at Read more at

  8. has announced the beta launch of Salesforce Files, an upgrade of its ChatterBox file sharing and sync system. Users will gain the ability to use any device to retrieve documents from document management systems such as Documentum, FileNet and SharePoint and file-sharing systems such as Box and Dropbox. Salesforce Files also adds the ability to access third-party repositories and view business-relevant documents needed for projects, collaborations, and to close deals with customers. Read more at

  9. Maxthon announced a partnership with MediaTek's Rolltech to bundle Maxthon's Chromium based mobile browsers onto chips used in Android smartphones mostly in emerging markets. That means in 2014 100 million smartphones and tablets made by manufacturers like LGE, ZTE, TCL/Alcatel, Gionee, Phillips, Techain, Konka, Lenovo Mobile, CKT and LavaMobile will come with the Maxthon browser preloaded. Mediatek is tht third largest global supplier of chipsets for Android. Read more at

  10. An Apple announcement is scheduled for next week, so let's talk about something else. Amazon's Jeff Bezos had his first meeting with Washington Post staffers since buying the newspaper. The staffers took to Twitter to share quotes from Bezos. BusinessInsider highlighed a couple of quotes that show Bezos wants the Post to think of the readers as the number one customer. Being 100% ad-supported leads a business to think the customer is the advertiser. Another Bezos-quote was about innovation. He said the recipe for innovation is "Stubborn on vision, flexible on details." Unfortunately, there were no quotes about Jeff Bezos' recipe for his famous three-alarm chili. That's simply a secret. Read more at

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