News Fuse for September 30, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for September 30, 2013:

  1. Apple and Google knocked Coke off the top spot of Interbrand's list of most valuable brands. Apple took the top spot with an estimated brand value of $98.3 billion. Google was estimated at $93.3 billion. IBM at number 4 and Microsoft at number 5 made it a tech-dominated top of the list. Read more at

  2. This week, Facebook says it will begin sending weekly reports to the four largest television networks in the US, offering up a sense of how much buzz their shows are generating on Facebook. The reports will reveal how many “actions” — likes, comments, or shares — a television episode has inspired on Facebook and how many members participated in an action. Facebook will share the data reports with ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS, and a small number of select partners, but won't make the results publicly available. Read more at

  3. France's data privacy regulator CNIL said it will begin "a formal procedure for imposing sanctions" on Google for not amending its data privacy policy. CNIL says that Google "has not complied with the requests laid down in the enforcement notice." This all stems from Google's consolidation of its privacy policies back in January 2012. Google says its "privacy policy respects European Law…" and it has "engaged fully with the CNIL throughout this process." Read more at

  4. Quartz reports Twitter will make its IPO public this week. On Sept. 12, Twitter announced they had filed confidentially with the SEC. Quartz repeated an claim that Twitter wants to have shares trading by November 28. The company is said to be leaning towards listing its shares on the NYSE instead of the NASDAQ. Read more at

  5. A poll commissioned by research firm Ipsos and Reuters points to just 15% of respondents planning to buy an Xbox One, compared to the 26% who said they were planning to buy a PS4. Only 27% of survey respondents under the age of 40 anticipate getting an Xbox One, compared to the 41% planning to buy a PS4. Both consoles have seen strong preorder interest in the US since their unveiling, Both consoles will be launching in mid-November, but the The PS4 beats the Xbox One on total announced games (79 vs. 55) as well as price ($399 vs. $499). Read more at

  6. Apple has brought back in-store pickup for the iPhone 5S. When the iPhone 5S first launched, in-store pickup was available, but Apple pulled that option after one day. According to CNet, a look around the New York City area shows that the iPhone 5S is in short supply. Read more at

  7. Microsoft has a new ad for Windows that features the Windows start button that is set to reappear in the operating system with the update to Windows 8.1. The ad promotes Windows across different device types like desktop, tablet and a separate distinction for Surface. Read more at

  8. Toshiba has announced it will cut its number of staff in its TV division in half, to 3,000, and close two of its three overseas TV manufacturing facilities, as it looks to revamp operations in the unit. Toshiba says it will focus on emerging markets including Asia and Africa, and end sales in "unprofitable regions". Toshiba" digital products division, which includes TV manufacturing, saw its losses widen to 16.3bn yen ($166m; £103m), in its most recent financial year, compared with a loss of 3.3bn yen a year earlier. Read more at

  9. Samsung's venture-funding arm will invest $4 million in wireless-charging startup PowerbyProxi. The company's product lets multiple devices wirelessly charge while placed on the same charger. Earlier this year, PowerbyProxi joined the Wireless Power Consortium, the backer of the Qi standard. Read more at

  10. Variety and the WSJ report that Intel will delay the launch of its Internet TV service called OnCue to 2014. According to various reports, Intel had originally planned to launch OnCue this year, but is currently looking for a partner to help back the endeavor. Intel is also trying to lock down content deals. Read more at

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