News Fuse for September 23, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for September 23, 2013:

  1. Microsoft announced two new Surface tablets today. The Surface Pro 2 has a Haswell processor, and better battery life with 64GB of storage for $899. There's also a 512GB version for $1799. The Surface 2 is the successor to the Surface RT, is thinner lighter with better battery life 32GB of storage for $449. The RT will remain on sale for $349. Microsoft also announced new accessories including a new Type Cover and Touch Cover and the new Power Cover which contains a 30 wHr battery. All of the new products go on pre-order tomorrow 9/24 at 8 AM Eastern Time and arrive October 22. Read more at

  2. Apple sold a higher-than-expected 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models in the first three days following the Friday launch of the 5s and Apple shares rose 4.5 percent to $488.64 in early trading following the good news. Sales of the new models - combined - were nearly double those of the iPhone 5 in the first weekend after its launch a year ago. Wall Street analysts had expected Apple to sell about 6 million of the two new iPhones. Read more at

  3. The world's third biggest retailer, Britain's Tesco, has introduced it's own tablet. The Hudl is a seven-inch Android tablet with 16 GB of storage that sells for 119 pounds (US$190). The device will launch in Britain to begin, but Tesco says its considering rollouts in Europe and Asia. Read more at

  4. Chaos Computer Club, a European hacker group, says they've figured out a way to beat Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor using "easy everyday means." According to a hacker by the handle "Starbug," you'd need a 2400 DPI photograph of a person's fingerprint from a glass surface, then that image would be laser printed at 1200 DPI. The final step is using latex or wood glue to create a sheet with a fingerprint that can fool the iPhone. Read more at

  5. On Friday, Apple introduced an update for Apple TV to give the STB new features like iTunes Radio. After reports that the update was bricking some Apple TVs, the company pulled the update on Saturday night. If you ended up with a bricked Apple TV, you can connect it to your PC via a micro USB cable to restore it using iTunes. Read more at

  6. An official Blackberry blog post has explained that the BBM app has been pulled from apple and google play stores, because it "caused issues". The Android app has now been disabled, but customers who downloaded the BBM for iPhone app before it got pulled will still be able to use it. BlackBerry's Luke Reimer assures potential customers "As soon as we are able, we will begin a staggered country roll-out of BBM for Android and continue the roll-out of BBM for iPhone." Read more at

  7. A class-action lawsuit filed in the District court in San Jose California against LinkedIn, claims the company accessed members email accounts without authorization, accessed address books and sent marketing information to contacts. LinkedIn's lawyers say the claims are "without merit" and "not true." LinkedIn does ask new users if they would like to share email contacts. Read more at

  8. The New York Times reports that a Federal Aviation Administration panel will meet this week to relax restrictions on when electronics can be used on aircrafts. The Times says that certain activities like reading ebooks or listening to audio would be allowed, but phone calls and Wi-Fi use would still be restricted. The panel will recommend the new policies by the end of the month and they could go into effect next year. Read more at

  9. LG announced a new smartphone, the Vu 3, with a 5.2-inch 1280 by 960 screen, a 4:3 aspect ratio, a 2.26 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and a 13-megapixel camera. The Android 4.2.2 phone goes on sale in Korea September 27, though no price was announced. Read more at

  10. Netflix won three Emmy awards for House of Cards last night, becoming the first company to win the awards for online-only shows. Original shows produced by Netflix had received 14 nominations total — 9 of those for House of Cards alone. David Fincher won for best directing in a drama series for House of Cards, "Chapter 1." the show also won two "creative arts" Emmys for outstanding casting and outstanding cinematography. Read more at

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