News Fuse for September 13, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for September 13, 2013:

  1. Twitter announced on Twitter Thursday evening that the company has filed an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. The filing is confidential under the new JOBS act which lets companies with less than $1 billion of revenue keep filing details secret for 21 days. This will allow Twitter to polish up their paperwork away from prying eyes. Analysts generally estimate Twitter is worth $10 billion. Read more at

  2. Apple has officially opened up pre-orders for the iPhone 5C in its online store as of 12:01am PT today. The phone starts at $99 with a two-year contract for a 16GB model, and $199 with a two-year contract for a 32GB model - or unlocked for $549 and $649, respectively). Customers in the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and the UK who order their phones now will start receiving them on September 20th, the same day that Apple is due to release the higher-end iPhone 5S. Read more at

  3. Facebook is testing videos that auto play without sound in the mobile version of user's news feeds. Videos from friends, celebrities or musicians will expand and play audio when clicked. Facebook says internal tests showed the videos didn't significantly affect battery life or data consumption. While this test does not include any advertisements, recent reports indicate Facebook is planning 15-second auto-play video ads at a charge of $1 to 2.4 million per ad. Read more at

  4. now supports IMAP email technology! Hurray! Microsoft official Steve Kafka wrote in a blog post: "we now have a richer email experience across devices and apps, including those not using EAS, such as Mac Mail and Thunderbird on a Mac,". However, there are some initial complaints that messages deleted using IMAP-compliant client applications remain on the Web interface and that messages can't be downloaded from the server to their email clients. Read more at

  5. CNET has a summary of some reporting over the week from Brazilian site Fantastico, TechDirt and Mother Jones about the NSA conducting Man in the Middle Attacks impersonating Google to gather data on surveillance targets. Google told Mother Jones it had no evidence of the US government circumventing Google Security. Google was the target of such an attack in 2011 when an attacker broke into the DigiNotar system and created 500 SSL certificates. Read more at

  6. Twitter has introduced a new feature for its verified users that lets them filter out mentions from unverified users and spam bots. verified users have 3 new options inside Twitter's "Connect" hub. "All" displays the same interactions and mentions that everyone sees, "Filtered" weeds out anything that Twitter's algorithm thinks is spam, and "Verified" limits the conversations displayed to just those from other verified accounts. Twitter also launched its own app on Spotify, so you can enjoy a playlist built from your social stream inside Spotify's desktop app. Read more at

  7. The Wall Street Journal reports Larry Page and Sergey Brin no longer can fuel up their private jets for cheap at Moffat Field in the Ames Research Center in Mountain View. NASA struck the agreement a few years ago with H211, an LLC that managed the Google founder's jets. The arrangement allowed the cheap fuel in exchange for the jets being used for scientific flights. The deal expired August 31 and NASA opted not renew it amid an audit of whether H211 broke the agreement by purchasing fuel for non-government flights. H211 will continue to hangar its jets at the field until 2014. It pays full retail for the hangar lease. Read more at

  8. Microsoft wants to buy your iPad. The Surface maker has launched a promotion at its brick-and-mortar stores in the US that lets iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4 owners trade in their tablets for at least a $200 gift card. The devices have to be "gently used" and the offer is only available in Microsoft Stores in the US and Canada, and not online. Read more at

  9. If you've heard the scary stories of free USB charging points being infected with malware, it's time to use a condom., is selling a USB condom that fits on top of a USB plug and cuts off access to the pins that allow it to transmit and receive data. Only the pins that receive power are left open, so a device can charge without any data, including malware being passed between the device and the power source. Read more at

  10. When it comes specifically to traditional consoles (that aren't handheld), the Xbox 360 is still top dog as the top-selling console for the month of August in the United States. It marks the thirty-second consecutive month it has led console sales.Microsoft of course is hoping to have another hit in the United States with the release of the Xbox One, coming this November. Read more at

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