News Fuse for September 11, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for September 11, 2013:

  1. Apple came out with its iPhone 5C and it looks like the C has not ended up to be for cheap or China. The 5C will sell for 4,488 yuan in China which is about US$730. That's much pricier than the $549 unlocked price in the US. Half of the smartphones shipped in China are in the 700-1500 yuan range about a quarter of the price of the 5C. The iPhone also did not launch on China Mobile, China's premiere carrier. Though iPhone models were approved for China Mobile's TD-LTE bands August 30. TD-LTE is expected to launch in China in November, so the iPhone might still come to China Mobile then. Read more at

  2. Yesterday's Apple announcement might have gotten all the attention, but that didn't stop Motorola from having a little event for its "made in the USA" smartphone, the Moto X. The Google-owned phone maker opened the doors yesterday to Flextronics, the Texas-based company contracted to manufacture the Moto X. If you want a better look, the new factory is now on Google Maps’ Street View, and lets you get as close as a balcony looking down on the phone assembly below. Read more at

  3. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Google's attempt to overturn a lower court ruling that said Google violated the Wiretap Act. The lawsuit is based on Google collecting data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks while gathering Street View information. Google argued to the 9th Circuit that the information from those unsecured Wi-Fi networks were "readily accessible to the general public," which would have meant Google did not violate the Wiretap Act. The 9th Circuit disagreed saying, "members of the general public do not typically mistakenly intercept, store, and decode data transmitted by other devices on the network." Read more at

  4. AT&T finalized its purchase of $1.9 billion of spectrum from Verizon in the 700 MHZ band. Why do you care? Well it saves Verizon some money on spectrum it wasn't using and AT&T can now improve LTE service in 18 states. This also comes with AT&T announcing it will support interoperability with smaller carriers in the Band 12 space which covers the 700 MHz and neighboring spectrum. Read more at

  5. Intel announced a new range of low-power processors At its Intel Developer Forum event in San Francisco. The Quark system-on-chip will be one fifth the size of Atom processors and use one tenth the power of Atom. They will be x86 compatible and initial parts will be built on a 32nm process, but most interestingly the Quark design is fully synthesizable, with extension points to allow customers for the first time to integrate their own functional blocks onto Quark SoCs. Read more at

  6. A new set of declassified documents says that back in 2009 the NSA improperly tracked more than 15,000 suspects in violation of FISA court rulings. The NSA's software apparently tracked those people without the agency having reasonable suspicion. In March 2009, the FISA court actually revoked the NSA's authority to perform bulk queries until the U.S. Government was able to "restore the Court's confidence." However, the ability to conduct bulk queries was reinstated in September of 2009. Read more at

  7. Lenovo announced more Haswell laptops in conjunction with the Intel Developer's Forum. Yes Lenovo announced 5 new laptops at IFA last week, but now there are some more business T, W, L, and E series laptops with Haswell for the IDF set. The laptops also feature improved graphics, LTE connectivity and more security options. These models will come out in October and November. Read more at

  8. Apple never mentioned the Apple TV at its big iPhone event yesterday. But All Things D reports that on September 18, the same day Apple plans to release iOS 7, the company will announce an updated Apple TV. The updated Apple TV is said to have "an internal overhaul," which includes enhancements to the Airplay wireless streaming technology that will allow users who've purchased programming or other video content from their own accounts to stream them to another person's Apple TV via iCloud. Read more at

  9. Kids love tablets. Toys R US loves kids' -- parents-- money. But they don't want a lot of it. The Tabeo E2 is the company's new tablet with an 8-inch multitouch display 1 GB of RAM, 8GB storage, with an SD card slot and all of the parental controls and child-friendly apps of previous Tabeos. The new model launches in October for $150. Read more at

  10. The New York Times reports that an algorithm for generating random numbers contains a backdoor for the NSA. The Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm was adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology back in 2006. The Times says the internal memos leaked by Edward Snowden confirm that the NSA actually generated that algorithm. Originally, The standard did acknowledge the NSA as a contributor, but not as its primary creator. Read more at

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