News Fuse for October 4, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for October 04, 2013:

  1. Twitter made it's public S-1 filing for an initial public offering of stock likely to come sometime in November. The filling shows Twitter has been increasing revenue quickly to $316.9 million in 2012 and 253.7 million for the first half of 2013. But the company also has increased losses with 79 million lost in 2012 and 69 million lost already in the first half of 2013. In cheerful news for investors who believe mobile is the future, 75% of Twitter's 218.3 million monthly active users come from mobile as does 65% of its ad revenue. Read more at

  2. Adobe says that attackers have compromised 2.9 million customer accounts, including their credit and debit card numbers. Though those number are encrypted, Adobe's resetting passwords for affected users, warning them of financial risks and offering free credit monitoring. Hackers also took source code for certain apps, including Acrobat and ColdFusion. The two attacks may or may not be related, according to Adobe. Thanks to s. p. sheridan for submitting this story to subreddit. Read more at

  3. It's finally public - the original voice of Siri is none other than Susan Bennett. She's an Atlanta-based voice actor who also voiced the first ATM, a number of GPS devices, and Delta Airline announcements. Bennett confirmed to CNN that she is the voice behind Siri, but Apple won't confirm that information. Read more at

  4. HTC reported its first quarterly net loss since it went public in 2002. The company reported a loss of NT$2.97 billion which is about US$101 million for the quarter ending September 30. A year ago for the same quarter HTC reported a net profit of NT$3.9 billion. The HTC One has received positive reviews but the good press hasn't translated into good enough sales. Read more at

  5. Microsoft loves HTC's losses! Enough to want to convince the company to add the Windows Phone platform as a secondary operating system on its Android-based smartphones, in addition to discussing “cutting or eliminating the license fee” required to use Windows Phone. Bloomberg reports that the talks are “preliminary,” and it’s not clear whether that would create dual-boot devices, or if Microsoft would require Windows Phone to override Android on existing models. Read more at

  6. Wow is Samsung boring. The company just announced its third quarter financial preview and its operating profit looks to be yet another record high. Samsung said their third quarter sales were $55 billion, with an operating profit in the range of $9.2 billion to $9.6 billion. Full financial information will be announced later this month. Read more at

  7. 9to5Mac reports OS X Mavericks has been upgraded to Gold Master status and released to developers meaning we should see a consumer release later this month as scheduled. 9to5 Mac had earlier reported bugs delayed the Gold status by a few weeks. Apple also released other updates to developers including new versions of iPhoto and Xcode. Read more at

  8. Techcrunch reports that personal assistant app Cue has been acquired by Apple for between $40 & $60 million, and that according to sources, Dropbox had at some point been interested as well. The company will not be shut down post-acquisition, though it did recently shut down its app that pulls data from user e-mails to create a personal agenda. Apple could fold the technology into a more robust "today" section in iOS 7's Notification Center. Read more at

  9. Rockstar Games is releasing patches for GTA V online users. An update for PS3 and a similar patch for Xbox 360 should fix issues that limited the number of concurrent users and prevented many from accessing online at all. The company is also working to fix a bug that can stop players form finishing the online tutorial. In the meantime Rockstar has disabled the option to purchase cash packs until all players have access to GTA online. Read more at

  10. Microsoft's annual proxy statement suggests that poor sales of the Surface tablet meant CEO Steve Ballmer received 79% of the total incentive plan award for which he was eligible. Like many executives, Ballmer receives a base salary and a bonus that is tied to the performance of the company. The proxy statement says that a number of other MS execs received 100% of their incentive awards including COO Kevin Turner and CFO Amy Hood. Read more at

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