News Fuse for October 30, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for October 30, 2013:

  1. iPad Air reviews have hit the Internet, with some interesting specs. The iPad Air is 80 percent faster than the fourth-generation iPad, says Primate Labs, who put the tablet through Geekbench 3 tests. The Air's A7 processor runs at 1.4GHz -- which is 100MHz faster than the 5S, which also has an A7. The new Air is also five times faster than the iPad 2, which makes selling the second-generation iPad for $399, just $100 less than the starting price for the iPad Air, more perplexing than ever. Read more at

  2. There's a new look for Twitter. The company announced it's going to make timelines more visual and will feature image and video previews in tweets on the web as well as its iOS & Android apps. If you don't like that auto-expand feature, you can turn it off in the app version, but not the web. Internet, commence your complaining. Read more at

  3. At the ARM developers’ conference, Intel partner Altera announced that Intel will fabricate its ARM’s 64-bit chips starting next year. Intel's been trying to break ARM’s stronghold on the mobile market, but this move looks like the company has decided not to beat 'em, but to join 'em. Analysts say Intel is even willing to compete with semiconductor foundry leader TSMC for the business of its biggest rivals, like Nvidia and Qualcomm. long until Apple ditches Samsung for Intel? Read more at

  4. After a $110 million settlement with the MPAA, isoHunt is back - well sort of. The new site is at and it looks pretty much exactly the same as the old However, the people behind the new site are not related to the old isoHunt in any way. has restored about 75% of the original site's database. Read more at

  5. Nintendo has announced it sold 460,000 Wii U consoles worldwide in the six month period ending September 30th. Overall sales of the Wii U sit at 3.91 million globally, though Nintendo claims it will sell nine million consoles before the end of its 2014 financial year. The Wii U is still having a ""negative impact"" on the company's profits, Nintendo says, because of the console's price reduction in the US and Europe alongside advertising expenses, but the company says it'll drive manufacturing costs of the hardware down and improve the distribution of digital software to boost income. Read more at

  6. Lenovo can't stop yoga-ing its whole line up. The company introduced two new Android-based tablets called the Yoga Tablet 8 and the Yoga Tablet 10. From the side, the devices look a lot like the Apple Wireless keyboard. Both tablets feature a kickstand and will last up to 18 hours on a single charge. Inside, you're looking at a quad-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 processor and 1GB of RAM. The 8-inch tablet costs $249, while the 10-inch version costs $299 Read more at

  7. Google showed off its second generation Google Glass. In the images of the device, two very bored looking models show off the eyewear complete with a new mono earbud. The earbud would replace the bone-conduction speaker system of the original. Google also said the new version of Glass would make it compatible with prescription lenses as well as sunglasses. Google will run an exchange program for Google Glass Explorers if they bought their Glass before October 28th, 2013. Read more at

  8. If you've got Google Glass, do yourself a favor, don't wear them while driving in California. Google Glass Explorer Cecilia Abade just received a ticket for driving while wearing Google Glass. The stated reason on the moving violation is "Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass)." Now there's a question on the legality of the ticket issued - court case, anyone? Read more at

  9. Apple is replacing a "very limited" number of new iPhones after finding a manufacturing defect that has limited battery performance. Apple did not say how many phones have been affected by the manufacturing issue, however the company is apparently contacting customers by phone, suggesting the problem is pretty limited. The defect also does not affect the safety of the iPhone batteries. Read more at

  10. Yesterday, Google added some new features to Google+. Coming soon is full resolution backups of images for iOS, photo enhancement tools, and some new Auto-Awesome features like Auto-Awesome Eraser to remove things like photo bombers from your beautiful images. Google+ also started sending out emails to Plus users offering them custom domains. The first set of custom domains were sent to those users who have a profile photo, have at least 10 followers, and an account that is at least 30 days old. Darn. I was really starting to like my old plus URL of… wait. 583… Nevermind. Read more at

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