News Fuse for October 22, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for October 22, 2013:

  1. Apple announced new iPads today. The iPad Air with an A7 chip starts at $499 and will be available Nov. 1. The iPad Mini with retina display will come in November starting at $399. The company also unveiled new iPad Covers for both models, We also got new computers. The Mac Pro at $2999 launches in December. New 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros with Haswell processors are available today. And finally along with free versions of all iWork and iLife apps, OS X Mavericks was announced available today for free. Read more at

  2. Some big news from Nokia - the company unveiled the 10.1? Lumia 2520, a $499 Windows RT 8.1 tablet with LTE, shipping this fall. Nokia also announced two 6? smartphones today – the $739 Lumia 1520 which will go to market in Q4 2013, and the $339 Lumia 1320 which will follow in Q1 2014. And Nokia's Asha range of devices continue with the Asha 500, Asha 502, and Asha 503. All three will be available in bright red, bright green, yellow, cyan, white, and black, shipping in Q4 2013. Read more at

  3. Prepare your Windows Phones because here comes some major new apps. At Nokia World, Nokia announced that Vine, Flipboard and Instagram are all coming to Windows Phone. If you like games, FIFA 14 and Temple Run 2 are both coming to Microsoft's mobile OS. Nokia showed off a total of 23 new apps. Read more at

  4. BlackBerry Messenger returned to iOS and Android yesterday with one hip new feature added since it's last attempt to roll out: Waiting lists! As you may recall, BlackBerry tried to launch for iOS and Android last month but their servers melted down when too many users got hold of unofficial versions. Those who signed up in advance can use the apps right away while the rest must enter an email address and wait their turn. Workarounds to jump the queue have already begun to circulate. Read more at

  5. Microsoft's Surface 2 tablet launch just happens to be a nationwide in-store launch event today-- but the event didn't drive big crowds at midnight, at least at the Microsoft Store's San Francisco location in the Westfield Center -- one of 10 locations holding Surface launch events tonight -- where Roughly 50 people had assembled by the time the Microsoft Store's doors opened at 10 p.m. Read more at

  6. According to Bloomberg, HTC is working on a smartwatch that can take pictures. The device would be based on Android and could be released in the second half of next year. No official word from HTC on the matter, though. Read more at

  7. Netflix added 1.29 million new US subscribers in Q2 to reach 31.09 million domestic subs, passing HBO. Non-US subscribers rose by 1.44 million to 9.19 million. All of those subscribers made the company profitable too at $31.8 million in profit or 52 cents a share. Revenue climbed 22 percent to $1.11 billion. All of this beat analyst's expectations which drove the stock price close to $400. Netflix also acknowledged "Orange is the New Black" as top marketing tool but said most viewership was going to titles like AMC"s Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Read more at

  8. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has tweeted that Facebook's decision to allow videos showing people being decapitated back on its pages was "irresponsible". Facebook reversed a temporary ban on such videos, saying users should be free to watch and condemn such content. Mr Cameron tweeted: "It's irresponsible of Facebook to post beheading videos, especially without a warning. They must explain their actions to worried parents." Read more at

  9. Google has released Project Shield, a program meant to help small websites stay online during a distributed denial of service attack. Google also launched a Digital Attack Map in partnership with Arbor networks. The map updates hourly and animates anonymous DDoS events from 270 Internet service providers worldwide. Alexis Santos at Engadget points out that since DDoS origins are often forged, the map may not always reflect reality. Read more at

  10. According to the Wall Street Journal, there will be a brand new contestant in the developing wearable computing world and it's none other than Microsoft. The Journal says Redmond is currently testing prototypes of "Internet-connected eyewear." There are no details as to when or if this product is something Microsoft plans on releasing. Read more at

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