News Fuse for October 2, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for October 02, 2013:

  1. Steve Ballmer leaving Microsoft is not enough for some. Reuters reports three of the top 20 Microsoft investors are calling for Bill Gates to step down as Chairman of Microsoft's Board. One concern is that Gates influences decision out of proportion to his 4.5% share of stock and that he prevents adoption of new strategies and would limit a new CEO. USA Today reports some analysts think investors just want better capital allocation, aka more dividends for investors. Coincidentally The Verge points out that three of the top 20 investors also reportedly recommended Ford CEO Alan Mulally for the MS job, though it's not know whether it was the same three. Read more at

  2. Apple's highly anticipated and also not yet announced iPad Mini with a high-resolution "retina" display may be facing serious supply chain issues, sources tell Reuters. Apple's supply chain is reportedly only now gearing up to make retina displays for the iPad Mini, which means the gadgets could be available in only limited quantities this year, and the company may miss the year-end holiday shopping season altogether. Read more at

  3. After reports that some iMessage users could not send messages, Apple issued a statement to the WSJ saying that the company is aware of that there are issues with iMessage since the iOS 7 update last month. Apple says that the problem "affects a fraction of a percent" of iMessage users. If you're experiencing iMessage woes, some reports say rebooting the device or signing in and out of iMessage could fix the issue. Read more at

  4. Two months after launch, ChromeCast finally got it's fifth app, alongside Netflix, YouTube and the Google Play video and music. Hulu Plus for Android and iOS now has a Chromecast button to let you watch your Hulu Plus shows, movies, and Ads on your TV screen. Read more at

  5. Hey, wanna talk about the next-gen Apple TV again? The one that nobody really knows anything about? Well, Multichannel News reports the company has hired Jean-François Mulé, former senior VP of technology development at CableLabs for the last two years, for the job of Apple's engineering director, and MCN reports he worked on a number of IP-based projects like DOCSIS 3.0 and second screen technology. Let the rumor flags fly! Read more at

  6. There's a new exploit in the wild that affects all supported versions of Internet Explorer. The vulnerability called CVE-2013-3893 has been integrated into the pen testing tool, Metasploit. The exploit was addressed by Microsoft when it released a temporary "Fix it" tool that requires users to download and patch their systems themselves. Microsoft has yet to issue a permanent patch for the exploit. Read more at

  7. Don't trust cloud service providers with your data anymore? Western Digital has an answer for you. The MyCloud is a hard drive that offers password-protected access to data over the Internet via any mobile or desktop device. It uses 128-bit AES encryption, the ability to share links and compatibility with DLNA streaming devices. MyCloud starts at $149 for 2TB of capacity. Models with 3TB and 4TB of capacity sell for $179.99 and $249.99, respectively. Read more at

  8. Revenge porn' is now illegal California, after Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill making it legally uncool to post explicit pictures of people online without their permission. Those who attempt to humiliate a former partner with ""revenge porn"" will now face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Previously, the issue could only be tackled case by case, and only by the victims suing their persecutors. Read more at

  9. According to security researcher Brian Krebs, the FBI has charged Silk Road's alleged operator Ross Ulbricht, aka, Dread Pirate Roberts with conspiracy to traffic narcotics, computer hacking conspiracy, and conspiracy to launder money. The Silk Road website has been replaced by an FBI domain name seizure announcement. Silk Road's online market is alleged to have been an online conduit for illegal sales of drugs. Read more at

  10. Facebook is giving its mobile app advertisers more actions in their ads to get people to actually interact with those ads. Previously, advertisers had one option, "Install now." Now, advertisers will be able to include seven more actions including "Open Link," "Book Now," and "Play Game." HotelTonight is one of the first companies to get to use the new tools. Read more at

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