News Fuse for October 11, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for October 11, 2013:

  1. Last year Facebook ended a feature that allowed you to prevent people from finding you in Facebook search by name. At the time they allowed people who used the setting to keep it. Now that grace period is over. In the coming weeks, Facebook will send notices to users of the setting explaining that it will go away and ask them to click ""Okay, I understand."" Facebook claims the setting caused confusion for users. Read more at

  2. Google's announced an update to its terms of service that allows the company to include adult users’ names, photos and comments in ads shown across the Web, based on ratings, reviews and posts they have made on Google Plus and other Google services like YouTube. the new ad policy goes live Nov. 11, but before you take to the streets, Google said it would give users the chance to opt out of being included in the new endorsements, and people under the age of 18 will automatically be excluded. Read more at

  3. GigaOm reports Google will re-brand Google TV to Android TV according to their sources among developers and hardware partners. Sony, STMicroelectronics and LG have all adroitly avoided saying Google TV in recent announcements involving the product. A Google developer event in Seoul was called Android TV Developer Day and some developers have changed their online descriptions to say Android TV instead of Google TV. Google's Chrome and Android head Sundar Pichai previously told CNET he planned on announcing new Google TV hardware partners at CES. Read more at

  4. the Guardian reports Skype is being investigated by Luxembourg's data protection commissioner because of its secret involvement with the (NSA) spy programme Prism. Microsoft-owned Skype, which is headquartered in Luxembourg, could potentially face criminal and administrative sanctions, including a ban on passing users' communications covertly to the US signals intelligence agency. Read more at

  5. German device manufacturer Sunflex announced a new Android tablet called Unu that can also serve as a small game console and smart TV. The 7-inch tablet runs Android 4.2 and includes a docking base, remote control and video game controller for $250. If you don't care about the gaming you can get a media-only version for $200. You can pre-order now. Gamestop lists the release date as 10/29 while NewEgg reports November 8. Read more at

  6. Fingerprint Cards AB, a Swedish maker of biometric sensors, will request a police probe into a false press release claiming it agreed to be bought by Samsung, which boosted its stock 50% for the 17 minutes it was traded before being suspended by the Stockholm exchange because of volatility. Trades on the stock and peer company Precise Biometrics AB, which also surged, after the statement’s publication were canceled. Fingerprint Cards said it didn’t send the release and that it's a victim of fraud. Read more at

  7. Many iPhone 5S users report getting a blue screen crash when using one of Apple's iWork apps, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. A YouTube user called Elendil posted a video showing Pages crashing when accessed in the multitasking interface and giving a blue screen before rebooting. The reports were first noticed by The Verge but come on Twitter, MacRumors' forum and Apple's official support community. And yes, people are calling it a blue screen of death. Read more at

  8. The US Army is developing smart armour to give its troops "superhuman strength".The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (Talos) would have an exoskeleton frame & layers of smart materials fitted with sensors. The suit would also need to have wide-area networking and a wearable computer similar to Google Glass and be made of smart material fitted with sensors to monitor body temperature, heart rate and hydration levels, says,Lt Col Karl Borjes, a science adviser at the US Army's research, development and engineering command. Read more at

  9. Call it scavenging, poaching, or wise, but Apple is taking quick advantage of BlackBerry's decline. A few days after BlackBerry announced plans to lay off 40% of its workforce, Apple hosted a recruitment drive in Cambridge, Ontario, a mere 20 kilometers from BlackBerry's hometown of Waterloo. Most of the positions were in Cupertino, California but the Apple invite sent to BlackBerry employees on linked in promised relocation and immigration assistance. Google maps estimates it as a 20 minute drive from BlackBerry's campus or an hour and a half by bus. Read more at

  10. File under clueless: New York Comic Con has been sending out tweets on behalf of attendees, journalists, and celebs that weren't actually written, and the tweets were published without their permission or knowledge. The tweets were apparently tied to attendees convention badges, which have (RFID) chips that are tied to a user's identity in order to curb counterfeits, and in many cases were tied to Twitter accounts. Read more at

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