News Fuse for November 20, 2013

Xbox one

Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for November 20, 2013:

  1. The Xbox One comes out Friday November 22 in 13 markets and the reviews came pouring out today. Most reviews agreed that, as you may guess, it’s never a good idea to buy a product right at launch, and the Xbox One is no exception. Uneven voice control was cited by many reviewers and others picked at the interface and functionality some calling it incomplete. But all reviews felt the new Xbox has a lot of potential and while Sony’s PS4 has the early advantage the Xbox One could be the better bet in the long run. Read more at

  2. Qualcomm has new processors today - the top of the line Snapdragon 805 is geared at mobile devices and 4K, Ultra HD TVs, and designed to "deliver the highest-quality mobile video, imaging, and graphics experiences." Qualcomm's Gobi 9x35 is Qualcomm's fourth-generation 4G LTE modem, which also runs 3G and other wireless technologies. Qualcomm also announced a new RF transceiver chip, the WTR3925, and says both chips offer "significant improvements in performance, power consumption, and printed circuit board area requirements." Read more at

  3. Because Apple wants to make it as easy as possible for you to part with your money, the company just introduced a new Apple Store app for iPad. This is an iPad native app that will let you buy Apple products, sign up for events, and schedule Genius Bar appointments. However, the in-store features of the iPhone app are not included in the iPad version. Read more at

  4. Russia’s email provider has launched a US product called Three services called myMail, MyChat and myGames are available as mobile apps for Android and iOS for free. The mail app can manage multiple accounts including Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. The chat app gives users free texts voice and video calls and the games app as you may expect has free games. You also get a free new buzzword as calls the platform Communitainment. Read more at

  5. Samsung lawyers have accused counsel for Apple of making racist arguments in an ongoing trial over smartphone patents, and are calling for a mistrial. Harold McElhinny, Apple’s attorney, spoke yesterday of his memory as a child of watching television on American-made sets, and how intellectual property could have saved these products. “We all know what happened,” he said. McElihinny countered the mistrial demand by telling US District Judge Lucy Koh, “I did not say a word about race, and I did not say Asian.” Read more at

  6. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular have all turned down Samsung's proposal to preload its phones with Absolute LoJack anti-theft software. The software would have allowed the carriers to remotely brick a phone if reported stolen or lost. The wireless carriers claim that a kill switch won't work as a solution because it could be misused by hackers who could disable someone else's phone. Read more at

  7. The New Jersey Attorney General fined E-Sports Entertainment for using players on its service to mine bit coins. The company included code in a software update that was installed on 14,000 computers and minted 30 bitcoins. The company told Wired in May that the code was injected by an employee who has since been terminated. E-Sports Entertainment also faces a class action lawsuit in California. Read more at

  8. A team at the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry in Beijing say they can print electronic circuits on a wide range of materials using an inkjet printer filled with liquid metal. And they’ve demonstrated the technique on paper, plastic, glass, rubber, cotton cloth and even a leaf. The liquid metal is an alloy of gallium and indium which is liquid at room temperature. They simply pump it through an inkjet printer to create a fine spray of liquid metal droplets that settle onto the substrate and creates almsot any circuit pattern. Read more at

  9. Ars Technica reports the Wikimedia Foundation issued a cease and desist letter to Wiki-PR, demanding that the company immediately halt editing Wikipedia “unless and until [Wiki-PR has] fully complied with the terms and conditions outlined by the Wikimedia Community.” Wikimedia alleges that Wiki-PR markets paid advocacy editing services in violation of Wikipedia policies. Read more at

  10. The Logitech iPhone game controller enclosure is now official. It's called the PowerShell and costs about $100. It is compatible with the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and the 5th generation iPod touch. The PowerShell also packs in a 1500 mAh battery that will charge your phone on the go. Read more at

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