News Fuse for November 15, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for November 15, 2013:

  1. The Sony PS4 went on sale at midnight in the US with a big launch event at The Standard Highline Hotel in Manhattan. Joey Chiu of Brooklyn was the first of 500 folks who picked up their pre-orders at the event. Some companies made big announcements too. Uncharted was officially confirmed for PS4 with a tester trailer. DLC for Last of Us entitled “Left Behind” was announced. The game inFamous: Second Son comes to PS4 March 21, 2014. MGS 5: Ground Zero will get a special Deja Vu mission and Bungie’s Destiny beta will come first to PS3 and PS4. Read more at

  2. New Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has asked the CTIA Wireless Association to step it up when it comes to unlocking phones for consumers. It became illegal for consumers to unlock phones on their own earlier this year because of a ruling by the Librarian of Congress, who is responsible for handing out exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Wheeler said in his confirmation hearing in June that he wants to end the ban, and under his proposal, carriers would have to unlock phones only after the consumer's contract is up. Read more at

  3. Bloomberg reports that Samsung will introduce a Galaxy smartphone with a three-sided display next year. The device would use a new version of Samsung's flexible OLED technology called Youm. Bloomberg's sources aren't sure which Galaxy phone will have the three displays saying it could be the S or Note series or another line altogether. Read more at

  4. Nokia’s Lumia 2520 Windows 8 tablet will arrive on AT&T November 22, the same day the Xbox One and Lumia 1520 phone launch. The 10.1-inch tablet has a 1080p display with a keyboard cover, LTE and an 8,000 mAh battery. A 32GB 2520 will cost $400 with a two year contract. The price drops to $200 if you agree to the two-year contract AND but a Nokia Lumia 925, 1020 or 1520 phone. Read more at

  5. BBM was downloaded more than 10 million times in its first 24 hours, and now BlackBerry has made its iOS app iPod and iPad compatible as well, for anyone running iOS 6 or higher. The company also pushed out bug fixes for high battery drainage on its Android app, and missing contact names in the iOS app. Read more at

  6. Budget conscious Chrome OS users, listen up. Acer just released a $199 Chromebook that is pretty much identical to its $249 C720. The new model is called the C720-2848. It's powered by an Intel Haswell Celeron processor, has an 11.6-inch display and 16GB of internal storage. So how is it lower cost? It has 2GB of RAM compared to the 4GB of the more expensive model. The new Acer Chromebook is on sale starting today from Amazon and Best Buy. Read more at

  7. Apple’s been struggling with its checkout system at several Apple retail stores. TechCrunch reports sporadic outages yesterday, requiring the stores to pull out old-timey mechanical card machines and, gasp, pen and paper. The outage has interfered with some people picking up orders of the new iPad, but hasn’t seemed to interfere with the self-service EasyPay function of the Apple Store app. Read more at

  8. A new study by the Pew Research Center and the the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation- surveyed almost 5200 respondents about their news consumption at 11 of the most popular social media platforms - and found that more than a quarter of U.S. adults -- 26% -- rely on both Facebook and Twitter to get news via desktop or mobile. About 9% use at least three social media channels, like Reddit, YouTube, and Google+. However, the study notes that beyond news, the shared audience between these sites is relatively small. Read more at

  9. Yes the glorious reunion of Apple, Samsung and US District Judge Lucy Koh continues as the intrepid trio attempt to determine just how much Samsung owes Apple for violating five of its patents. Yesterday Apple’s head of marketing Phil Schiller told the court the shocking news that the iPhone was a “Bet the company product” HIS WORDS! In opening arguments Wednesday Apple asked for an additional $380 million while Samsung maintained $52 million was more than enough to add to the $600 million it must pay no matter what. The amounts are based on estimates of lost profits and royalties. Read more at

  10. Google Play Music has finally hit the iPhone. The app has been available on Android for about six months already. The iOS version gives users access to streaming music, but you won't be able to buy new tracks or subscribe to the $10/month All Access plan while in the app. However, the Google Play Music app comes with a free month trial of the All Access service. The app is available in 20 countries right now. An iPad version is in the works. Read more at

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