News Fuse for July 29, 2013

Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for July 29, 2013:

  1. China Labor Watch has alleged that three factories of Chinese company Pegatron violate International and Chinese laws and standards. Among the allegations are underage labor, contract violations and excessive working hours. Pegatron chief executive Jason Cheng said the company would investigate the allegations immediately and correct any violations. Pegatron makes parts for Apple products. Apple said its auditors would return to Pegatron this week for special inspections. Read more at

  2. Apple has confirmed that Bob Mansfield, is no longer Senior VP of Technologies or on its senior leadership team, and reports over the weekend noted that Mansfield had been dropped from Apple’s executive webpage. Apple states that despite leaving his current position, Mansfield will work on ‘special projects’ for the company in a role that sees him report to CEO Tim Cook directly. Mansfield had previously announced his plans to retire after 13 years heading up Apple's hardware division, but had agreed to remain with the company until 2014. Read more at

  3. The Business Software Alliance, a trade group that represents companies including Microsoft and Intel, is aligning itself with Apple in Apple's case against Samsung before the International Trade Commission. The ITC ruled that Apple infringed on Samsung patents that could lead to certain Apple products being banned. Apple argued those patents were "standard essential" patents. The Business Software Alliance told the ITC that the use of essential industry patents should not be used to ban products except under unusual circumstances. Read more at

  4. Sony and Panasonic apparently do not believe the disc is dead. Panasonic announced Monday it will work with Sony to create a new standard for an optical disc capable of recording at least 300 GB of data. The new format is planned for an unveiling by the end of 2015 and will target those who need to archive large amounts of data for long-term storage. Read more at

  5. Are you ready for the iPhone 5C? Pictures of packaging with that name have begun floating around, leading more speculation than ever that the budget iPhone is right around the corner. The latest pictures, posted on Chinese forum WeiPhone, seem to support the rumors that the cheaper iPhone will reintroduce the polycarbonate casing of the iPhone 3GS, and could make it easier to produce it in a range of colors. Read more at

  6. Nokia's VP of App Development Bryan Biniak gave an interview with the International Business Times where he groused about Microsoft's slow pace of progress on Windows Phone. He says that Nokia is "trying to evolve the cultural thinking [at Microsoft] to say 'time is of the essence.'" Biniak did say that Nokia and MS are still close partners, but the two companies are working very differently. Read more at

  7. Toshiba just announced new Satellite laptops with the look of their sleek brushed-metal Kirabook line for a little less money. The 15-inch E55 ultra book has a touch screen and sells for $679 with an AMD processor and $899 for an Intel core i-series. The 14-inch E45 will be a Best Buy retail exclusive for $799 or $817 from the Toshiba website. The E45t Best Buy version will be available August 4 with the E55 series following in September. Read more at

  8. Back in January at CES, Dell showed off its Android-powered Project Ophelia dongle that plugs into a TV, or any other display with an HDMI port. Now finally, it looks like units are being shipped to testers. Ophelia’s big draw its support for Dell’s Wyse cloud computing tech, which allows users to remotely access files stored on PCs or servers and connect to Citrix or VMware-powered virtual machines. Ophelia has a $100 price tag, and if it's a hit, might provide a lot more insight into Dell's post-PC world domination strategy. Read more at

  9. Corning introduced Gorilla glass for your laptop Monday. Gorilla Glass NBT is still the same strong scratch-resistant glass you know from smartphones but made specifically for touchscreen laptops. Corning says the new glass would only raise the cost of a laptop by a couple percentage points. Dell says it will introduce laptops with Gorilla Glass NBT this autumn. Read more at

  10. Illya Segalovich, co-founder of Yandex, died on Saturday after battling stomach and brain cancer. Yandex is Russia's largest search engine. Segalovich served as Yandex's CTO. He was 48 years old. Read more at

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