News Fuse for July 22, 2013

iPhone 5

Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for July 22, 2013:

  1. The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is testing an iPhone screen larger than 4 inches and a tablet screen just less than 12 inches. These prototypes may or may not end up in final products, but the WSJ also reports a new iPad will go into production later this month. New iPhone components reportedly entered mass production last month. The next iPad and iPhone will likely continue with current screen sizes. Read more at

  2. Over the weekend Apple confirmed it is investigating a security breach on its Dev Center servers. Most of the information on the servers was encrypted and Apple claims it’s safe, but they do say that the hacker(s) may have accessed developer’s names, addresses, and email addresses, and since the developer center went down last Thursday, reports have surfaced of developers receiving unsolicited password reset requests. UK-based Ibrahim Balic claims he found 13 bugs in the Dev Center, and that he got a hold of data from more than 100,000 users, but he says he didn't hack for malicious purposes. Read more at

  3. U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron says search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo have a moral duty to stop the discovery of illegal images of child abuse. Cameron told the BBC that “Put simply, there needs to be a list of terms—a black list—which offer up no direct search returns." The search companies have until October to give a response to the UK government - if the government does not like the response, there may be regulatory action. Read more at

  4. Leap Motion controllers finally became active today. The company began shipping pre-orders late last week, but did not release the software until mid-morning east coast time. Even then, some pre-orders have yet to be shipped. Leap also launched it's app store known as Airspace with games, music apps, and other utilities and even a motion controlled version of the New York Times. Read more at

  5. SIM cards, how do they work? If you're using GSM call encryption, not that well --Karsten Knoll of Security Research Labs has uncovered a flaw that allows some SIM cards to be hacked with only a couple of text messages by cloaking an SMS so it appears to have come from a carrier. After being prompted to enter the SIM's digital key, another text can be sent that opens access to calls, messages, and mobile purchases. It only affects SIMs running the older data encryption standard (DES), but Nohl estimates 750 million SIMs are potentially affected. Read more at

  6. Google is acquiring 6.3% of Himax Display- that's the company that makes the display for Google Glass. Himax Display's parent company says that Google reserves the right to continue buying up shares of Himax Display for a period of one year. If Google exercises that option, it could acquire up to 14.8% of the company. Read more at

  7. Facebook has become popular in developing countries thanks to Facebook for Every Phone, a limited version of the site that works on feature phones. Facebook announced that the feature phone service has now been downloaded 100 million times. Facebook for every phone includes News Feed, Messenger and Photosand is optimized to use less data. Some phone carriers even partner with Facebook for free data access. Read more at

  8. In February 2014, 3D printing is really going to catch on! Key patents for a technology known as "laser sintering" that that currently prevent competition in the market for functional 3D printers will expire, says Duann Scott, design evangelist at 3D printing company Shapeways. Laser sintering is the lowest-cost 3D printing technology, and can produce goods that can be sold as finished products, and consumers could see huge drop in the price of these devices, once the technology opens up. Read more at

  9. Utah ISP Xmission's CEO Pete Ashdown has published a detailed list of government orders his company has received. Ashdown also told Buzzfeed that an order he received in 2001 required the ISP to install equipment to allow the FBI and NSA to directly monitor one of his customers. Ashdown says he is restrained by law from revealing any more details and feels he probably told people to much already. Read more at

  10. Time Warner Cable and CBS are currently in a squabble where CBS could pull its programming off of the cable service. Time Warner Cable isn't taking this lightly and told the NYT that if CBS does leave TWC, then Time Warner would recommend its NY customers try out Aereo. If you don't know about Aereo - it gives people access to over-the-air television via tiny antennas over the Internet and doesn't pay a retransmission fee to broadcasters. Let the war continue. Read more at

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