News Fuse for July 17, 2013

Google Maps for iPad

Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for July 17, 2013:

  1. Google has updated the Google Maps app for iOS. The map now fits the iPad screen, and tweaks both iPad and iPhone versions to look similar to the new Android version. Maps now also has live traffic updates and adds indoor maps for select shopping malls, airports, and transit stations. Read more at

  2. The Wall Street Journal says thatGoogle wants to build its own streaming TV service. The report says Google has been meeting with media companies to negotiate for TV channels streamed over broadband connections, to compete with companies like Comcast or Time Warner. Google already has its TV platform in set-top boxes and TVs, and its gigabit fiber up and running in a few cities, but it would need licensing deals to carry media channels via video stream, and could face a price premium as the NKOTB. Read more at

  3. Microsoft posted to its Technet blog that it is requesting permission from the Attorney General of the United States to share publicly information as to how it handles national security requests for customer information. Microsoft says the Constitution should allow the company to share more information, but it is being stopped by the government. Microsoft says the U.S. hasn't responded to its petition filed back on June 19th to publish the volume of national security requests received. Read more at

  4. Google Glass is all grown up, because it has its first security flaw. The security researchers at Lookout have discovered a security flaw that let them capture data being sent from the device to the Web without the user's knowledge. Google Glass always looks for QR Codes and decodes them. It also connects to WIFI networks encoded in QR Codes...and you know where this is going. Researchers created a QR Code that got Glass to connect to a WiFi access point where a man in the middle attack could be conducted. The flaw was disclosed to Google and has since been fixed. Read more at

  5. Another iPhone cycle, another report about delays in the iPhone cycle. Taiwanese publication The Commerical Times reports Apple may delay iPhone 5S from the expected September/October until the end of the year after the design was changed to feature a bigger 4.3-inch retina display screen. But Jefferies analyst Peter Misek predicts Apple’s manufacturing partners will begin pumping out the iPhone 5s later this month, and that Apple’s long-rumored lower-cost iPhone is already in production. Read more at

  6. There's a new Tumblr app for iOS. What's new with it? Security! The older iOS app apparently transmitted login information including passwords in plain text. Tumblr has fixed the problem with an update to the iOS app. On the Tumblr Staff blog, the company asks anyone who has used the older app to change their password. The Android app doesn't appear to be affected. Read more at

  7. The European Commission has looked at Google's proposal to separate promoted links from native search to end an antirust investigation and said "not enough." European Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia also wrote a letter to Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt requesting that the company improve its offer. Read more at

  8. P2P platform BitTorrent wants to be associated less with piracy and more as a competitor to cloud syncing services from Dropbox and Google. The company is taking Sync, its file synchronization service, into beta and opening up the platform to more users by adding more features and an Android app. Sync is free, but a Bittorrent spokesperson says the company will eventually launch paid, premium services aimed at enterprises and power users. Read more at

  9. Chalk up yet another win for Aereo. CBS had appealed the Second Circuit Court's ruling that Aereo was legal, asking that the full panel of judges, known as en banc, rehear the case. The court polled its judges and found that not enough of them wished to rehear the case. Judge Denny Chin issued a blistering dissent to the decision calling Aereo a "sham." Read more at

  10. The China Internet Network Information Center says that China now has 591 million Internet users. That's a 10% rise compared to last year and that would mean that 44% of the country's population is online thanks to wireless devices like smartphones. Read more at

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