News Fuse for December 2, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for December 02, 2013:

  1. Jeff Bezos unveiled Amazon Prime Air on 60 Minutes yesterday, showing off a research project aiming to deliver products that weigh less than 5 pounds within 10 miles of an Amazon delivery center 30 minutes form order time. The system would use octocopters operated by GPS and an algorithm to drop the packages on recipient's doorsteps. Bezos admitted the project is 4 or 5 years away pending regulatory approval from the FAA among other logistical problems. Read more at

  2. Akamai just bought Prolexic, a company that specializes in preventing DDoS attacks as well as protecting data centers. Akamai will pay $370 million in cash for Prolexic and the deal is expected to close in the first half of next year. The acquisition will help Akamai enter the enterprise. Read more at

  3. Net Applications release numbers for OS traffic share in November and Windows 8.1 with 2.64% has nudged ahead of OS X 10.9 at 2.42%. Windows 7 is still the largest OS with 46.64% followed by Windows XP at 31.22%. Window 8 has 6.66% of the traffic even though Windows 8.1 is a free upgrade. Windows Vista? 3.57%. And if you’re curious about the next version of Windows, Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet says her sources say it’s targeting spring of 2015, is code-named Threshold and will update Phone, Desktop and Xbox all in one go. Read more at

  4. YouTube is now available for the Nintendo 3DS in the 3DS eShop in North America and Europe. Since the 3DS uses two screens, the YouTube app uses the top screen as the video player and the bottom screen displays suggested videos and a scrubber bar. Oddly, the 3DS YouTube app doesn't support 3D video. Huh. Read more at

  5. The latest numbers from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech show Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5c sales increasing but still lagging behind what the iPhone 5 sold in its first few months. Still, Apple did very well in Japan with 76.1% of sales in October. The iPhone did well in the US too, grabbing 52.8% of sales in October. In Europe Windows Phone threatens Apple with 10.2% of the five major markets compared to Apple’s 15.8%. Android dominates Europe at 70.9%. Read more at

  6. Dell's introducing a 24-inch 4K monitor. It's the Dell UltraSharp 24, otherwise known as the UP2414Q. The UltraSharp 24 has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 with 185 pixels per inch. So, will this diminutive screen have a diminutive price? Probably not, but Dell hasn't made an official announcement of the price. Read more at

  7. BlackBerry has an open standards policy. Open letters. Newish BlackBerry CEO John Chen sent an open letter to its enterprise customers today, following on former CEO Thorsten Heins open letter a few months ago. Chen’s letter says the company is very much alive, and the for sale sign has been taken down. The gist of the letter is that BlackBerry understands companies aren’t going back to being BlackBerry only and that’s OK. BES10 is your future Enterprise Mobility Solution even for iOS and Android devices. Godspeed John Chen. Read more at

  8. Remember the Oppo N1, that 5.9-inch Android phone with the swiveling camera on top? Well, Oppo just dropped some details via a Google+ post. It'll cost $599 in the U.S. (or 449 Euro) and launch on December 10th. The phone will ship with Oppo's skinned Android known as Color OS, but you'll have the choice of choosing CynogenMod if you want. Read more at

  9. Yahoo has purchased natural-language outfit SkyPhrase for an undisclosed amount. SkyPhrase and its four-person team will become part of Yahoo Labs in New York, where they will presumably bring their natural-language-processing skills to Yahoo’s search and mail products. Read more at

  10. Amazon Prime Air and flying drones? Pshh. The most exciting Amazon news of the day is about state taxes! The U.S. Supreme Court refused to review a lower court decision that upheld a law that allowed New York State to have an online retailer collect taxes from the purchaser as long as the company advertises in that state. Amazon and Overstock both requested the review. Next up, the tax situation will be discussed with the "Market Place Fairness Act," which is stuck in the House of Representatives. Read more at

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