News Fuse for August 9, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for August 09, 2013:

  1. Lavabit, the encrypted email service used by former US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, has suspended its service. Owner and Operator Ladar Levison said otherwise he would "become complicit in crimes against the American people." He will fight in court for the right to speak about why. In response encrypted communications company Silent Circle closed its encrypted email service, saying email cannot be properly protected. Silent Circle's encrypted voice and text services remain available. Read more at

  2. U.S. President Barack Obama met with a number of tech figures, such as Apple CEO Tim Cook, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and Google computer scientist Vint Cerf, yesterday to discuss the future of technology and surveillance, sources tell Politico. The secretive meetings focused on the NSA controversy, as well as the online tracking of consumer behavior and patterns. Through now high-profile projects such as PRISM, the government collects up to 3 billion pieces of intelligence from U.S. computer networks in a single month -- and indexes almost 100 billion pieces of data worldwide. Read more at

  3. says that Google's got a new Nexus 10 in the pipeline, but Google would be switching manufacturers from Samsung to Asus. Asus already makes the Google Nexus 7. There's also a message on Google+ by AndroidAndMe founder Taylor Wimberly that says Motorola will be producing the next Nexus phone for Google. It wouldn't be a rebranded Moto X, but a brand new model of phone. That news is in opposition to reports that LG is working on a new Nexus phone based on its G2. Read more at

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  5. Reuters reports sources say BlackBerry is considering taking the company private in order to fix problems away from public pressure. One of the sources is quoted as saying ""There is a change of tone on the board."" The company has also reportedly considered licensing its software to other phone makers. BlackBerry just won US Department of Defense approval for its Z10 and Q10 phones. Read more at

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  7. Roku's jumping off the set-top box and into the app store! the company introduced the "Play on Roku" feature which broadcasts still images and music from mobile devices to its set-top box last year, and now its iOS app has launched video support. It's Currently available only for user-recorded videos, and you'll need some of Roku's second gen or newer hardware to take advantage of the new features. Read more at

  8. Apple's lawyers are going to be busy. The company is dealing with three different legal venues today. First up, Apple is waiting on a decision by the U.S. ITC -- Apple claims that Samsung infringed on four Apple patents. Next up in New York, Apple awaits a federal judge's opinion on Apple's proposed remedies in its e-book price fixing case. Finally, there's Apple at the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia where the court will review a ruling by a lower court that said Samsung violated several Apple mobile patents. Samsung was ordered by the lower court to pay Apple $450 million, but then appealed. Read more at

  9. Remember those MIT students at DefCon who showed how to use a scanner and a 3D printer to make copies of any key? KeyMe has turned that basic concept into a business plan.The company's iOS app lets you take a picture of your key and store it in the cloud. You can then use the app to have any locksmith make you a copy of the key or order keys from KeyMe for 5 to 7 dollars a piece. Best part? The NSA now has copies of all your keys in case you lose them. Kidding! (Maybe not kidding) Read more at

  10. Google has added 79 patents to its list pledges not to sue any user, distributor or developer of open-source software, unless it's a defensive move. The new patents cover software used to operate data centers, including middleware, distributed storage and database management, and alarm monitoring. Back in March Google announced its Open Patent Non-Assertion (OPN) Pledge to “encourage pro-competitive, defensive uses of patents to support open-source innovation.” Read more at

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  12. I'm moving to Korea. Yep. Civilization Online, the massively multiplayer version of the popular world-building game, will launch in Korea-- only. Massively reports 2K Games PR Manager Brian Roundy said there is no North American release planned at this time.They have faster Internet in Korea anyway. And Bulgogi. Read more at

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  14. Apparently the the RT in Windows RT stands for "Redmond Turd" because Asus announced that it will no longer make any devices running Windows RT and instead focus on Windows 8 devices running on x86 processors. The news comes from Asus CEO Jerry Shen speaking to the Wall Street Journal. The decision to continue with Windows 8 was due to the system's backward compatibility with almost every Windows program ever. Read more at

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