News Fuse for August 5, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for August 05, 2013:

  1. Microsoft told The Verge that between August 4th and August 29th customers in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the US will pay $100 less for Surface Pro. That's about a ten percent drop, much less than the 30% drop of the Surface RT. That has some suspecting this price drop may be less about saving sales and more about moving inventory in front of an expected Surface 2. Read more at

  2. Samsung is ready to unveil what it says is “the next Galaxy” in Berlin on September 4. The invitation doesn’t specify which Galaxy we’ll see, but the consensus is it's the Galaxy Note III, especially since the invitation is hand-drawn/written, which does point to to the Galaxy Note’s standout characteristic, a Wacom-style S-Pen stylus. Read more at

  3. If you were panicking that you wouldn't be able to get some Apple products due to the ITC banning them, fear not. The Obama administration officially vetoed the ruling citing policy considerations of standards essential patents and promoting innovation as "they relate to the effect of competitive conditions in the U.S. economy and the effect on U.S. consumers." Samsung issued a statement saying it is "disappointed" by this veto. Read more at

  4. LinkedIn has introduced the ability to apply from a job within its mobile apps, using a LinkedIn profile as a resume. Businesses listing the job offering can choose to not accept the profile and link you out to their own site for a traditional resume. Competitors like CareerBuilder and already allow applications on their apps. Read more at

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  6. Last Friday, Eric Eoin Marques, a 28 year-old Dublin resident, was arrested on a warrant from the US on charges that he is, as an FBI agent told an Irish court, ""the largest facilitator of child porn on the planet."" The arrest coincides with the disappearance of a large number of ""hidden services"" hosted on Tor, the anonymizing encrypted network. Marques is alleged to be the founder of Freedom Hosting, a major hidden services hosting provider. He's been widely connected to the service—as well as the Tormail anonymized e-mail service and a Bitcoin exchange and escrow service called Onionbank—All services which are now offline. Read more at

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  8. Today, Google introduced its Android Device Manager service. It will help users find a missing or stolen device. Android Device Manager can help you find your phone by ringing the device (even if it was left on silent) or locating the device on a map. If you can't reclaim your device, the service will let you wipe all the data on your phone. Android Device Manager will roll out to users of Android 2.2 and higher later this month. Read more at

  9. If you use Feedly as your RSS reader, and wish for features like search, you're in luck (as long as you have $5 and live in the US). Feedly Pro for $5 a month, $45 a year or $99 lifetime to the first 5,000 who sign up for it, will give you search, https browsing, one-click save to Evernote and premium support. Feedly promises to keep adding features to the free version. The lifetime accounts are all sold out. The monthly and annual plans will come later this autumn. Read more at

  10. Samsung's rumored to be unveiling a smart watch soon, and according to the company’s trademark filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the device could be called the “Galaxy Gear." And it might all happen soon - a report in the Korean media last week said that Samsung is expected to unveil its smart watch, along with the Galaxy Note III, at the IFA 2013 in Berlin on Sept. 4. Read more at

  11. A startup called Crossbar announced its version of RRAM (resistive random access memory) and claims 20 times faster write performance, 20 times less power consumption and 10 times more durability than NAND flash. A 1 TB RRAM module will be half the size of an equivalent NAND flash module. CEO George Minassian estimates RRAM will be cheaper than NAND, though he wouldn't estimate a price. Instead of transistors RRAM uses three layers with a switch in the middle to determine 1 or 0. Chips can be made in existing factories but aren't expected in commercial products for 2-3 years. Read more at

  12. The Chinese government is investigating plants owned by UniMicron and Foxconn for pollution concerns. Both companies are Apple suppliers. Chinese regulators are looking into allegations that the two companies pumped large amounts of toxic materials into rivers. Read more at

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