News Fuse for August 1, 2013


Here are today's top 10 stories from Tech News Today for August 01, 2013:

  1. Struggling to make profiles when they came to the Netflix app for Apple TV? Struggle no more! Netflix has officially brought back individual user profiles. The revamped feature allows up to five profiles per account and will show personalized recommendations to each. Each profile can link to a separate Facebook account. Netflix suggests using some of the profiles for moods or combinations of people like family night. The feature will roll out slowly over the next two weeks to all users. Some users may have carried over profiles from their DVD accounts. Read more at

  2. To retina or not to retina? That is the question that anonymous sources familiar with the matter are trying to answer. The ones talking to the Wall Street Journal say a Retina mini is expected to go into mass production by the end of this year, and may also feature screens produced by Japan Display and LG Display, as well as Samsung, It also may come in a selection of colors for the back cover. HOWEVER 9to5 Mac on the other hand reports on a hidden file in the iOS7 SDK which indicates the next iPad Mini will NOT have a retina display. But hey both rumours agree the new mini will reportedly keep the 7.9-inch screen. Read more at

  3. After some discussions with Microsoft, Google will continue to support its Sync service for Windows Phone until December 31st. The service was originally going to be discontinued in January of this year, then Google extended that to July 31st and now we've got this latest drop dead date of December 31st. Google's sync service allowed Windows Phone devices to sync calendar and contact information. Microsoft is rolling out CalDAV and CardDAV support to Windows Phone right now, so when Google Sync goes away, you'll still have your contacts and calendar info. Read more at

  4. As promised Billy Lau, Yeongjin Jang and Chengyu Song of the Georgia Institute of Technology, showed off their hack to access an iPhone plugged into a modified charger and inject code. The bad news when we first heard of this is that all public charging spots became suspect. The good news now is Apple said the issue has been fixed in the latest beta of iOS 7. Read more at

  5. Google’s Chromecast Internet TV adapter already works with Hulu content, but Hulu Plus subscribers are about to get things like complete past seasons of TV shows and other goodies, Hulu can't stop users from using the “cast” feature to stream free video from a Chrome browser tab to a TV. but Hulu says it's enhancing its iOS and Android apps to take advantage of the native capabilities of the Chromecast device, for smoother playback and better remote-control capabilities and browsing. Read more at

  6. NSA director General Keith Alexander gave a keynote address at Black Hat yesterday. Alexander explained the legal basis for the NSA's authority to collect data and that the NSA does not collect content such as text messages, voice messages, or locational information. Apparently his talk was met with applause in support of the NSA at times and profane heckling as well. Read more at

  7. The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has finalized the spec for USB 3.1. Stop yawning. That point upgrade will double the USB bandwidth to 10 Gbps and still support USB 2.0. Developer sessions for the spec will begin August 21st and chipsets are expected from the usual suspects like Intel and AMD. For those enjoying watching Firewire history repeat itself, Intel's Thunderbolt 2 is expected to hit 20 Gbps this year but receive less uptake. Read more at

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  9. Quartz reports Google is testing out local news cards for Google Now and is in the experimental testing phase, getting feedback from users about whether it should go live for everyone on Android. For example, your local news would tell you things like nearby crimes & restaurant openings .tailored to your specific interests and your geolocation coordinates. This would be in addition to Now info like flight schedules, transit stops and travel ETAs, and weather. Read more at

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  11. In advance of Motorola lifting the gag order on talking about the Moto X, Motorola's senior vice president of engineering Iqbal Arshad gave some more details on the mysterious X8 processing system first mentioned at Verizon's Droid announcement. The X8 has a Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC working with two non-ARM Digital Signal Processors created by Motorola. One of these DSPs acts as a processor when the phone is asleep, delivering notifications, the other handles noise cancellation and voice. Motorola says the two DSPs can work with any processor and save a lot of battery life. Read more at

  12. The Associated Press reports that German news sites are still allowing their content to appear on Google News even after lobbying for stricter German copyright law that would remove their content from Google. Earlier this year, Google said it would only display information from those who opted in to have free snippets appear on Google News. One publisher, Axel Springer AG, says that the decision to opt into Google News is a temporary measure and its approval could be revoked at any time. Read more at

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