Mac Pick: Ulysses III

Ulysses III

Andy Ihnatko's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 401 is Ulysses III by Soulmen GbR. This is a simple, plain text, markdown editor for Mac. Ulysses III has a minimal user interface that's free of distractions, yet still has most of the features you'd expect in a word processor. It recently was updated to version 1.2, which added a lot of features to make it easy to manage a project with multiple documents. There are a lot of simple text editors, but Ulysses is really good at organizing projects spread across several files.

Another great reason for using Ulysses III is its ability to sync from Mac to iPad or iPhone. The same maker of Ulysses III also has a companion app called Daedalus. This app has a lot of the same features that are in Ulysses, and uses iCloud or Dropbox to sync between Mac and iPad or iPhone.

When it comes time to export the document, there are plenty of formatting options to choose from. Ulysses can transform your plain text into PDF, ePub, HTML, and more. It can switch styles on-the-fly, and has a live preview built in so you can see how the final version will look. It also has a feature called "Style Exchange," where you can view and download new styles that have been created and shared by the community. Ulysses III is one of the best ways to organize projects and take your work with you from Mac to iOS.

- Learn more about Ulysses III (Official Website)
- Get Ulysses III for Mac ($44.95)
- Get Daedalus for iOS ($0.99)

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