Mac Pick: Plexify

Adam Christianson’s pick of the week is Plexify for Mac: an tool that works with PlexConnect to allow the Plex media app to work with Apple TV. Plex Connect is a hack for the Apple TV that doesn’t require a jailbreak. It takes over the Apple Trailers app, so you’ll be able to access your Plex media library through that. Plex Connect isn’t easy to set up though, and that’s where Plexify comes in.

Plexify is an app that automates this complicated setup, and is essentially an interface for PlexConnect. It sits in your Mac’s menubar and will generate the SSL certificate that it needs, install it on the Apple TV, and proxy all of the Apple Trailers requests through your computer. PlexConnect hijacks those requests and sends the Plex media server data back to the Apple TV instead of the Trailers data. Plexify will also handle starting and stopping the Plex Connect server software.

If you’ve been using Plex to manage your media, then Plexify together with PlexConnect is a free and simple way to get that media on the Apple TV. And all without having to jailbreak or use the command line.

- Get Plex (Free)
- Get PlexConnect from Github (Free)
- Get Plexify (Free)

For more about PlexConnect and Plexify, check out MacBreak Weekly episode 384. Visit the Plex forums for more help on setting up PlexConnect.

WARNING: The website "" is a scam! Make sure to get PlexConnect from the Github link above, and do not pay for PlexConnect.