Mac Pick: Battery Health


Alex Lindsay's pick on MacBreak Weekly 417 was a useful utility for the Mac from Fiplab called "Battery Health." As the name suggests, it will show you the overall health of your computer's battery, along with many other relevant stats. You'll be able to see the battery's current maximum charge, the original max charge, exactly how many cycles it's been charged, and more.

While the built-in Mac battery meter will give you general idea of how much time you have left on your current charge, Battery Health will break that down even further. It will tell you how much battery life you have for internet browsing, music, movies, and standby. It'll also give you tips on how you can improve the life of your MacBook's battery. Best of all, this utility is free in the Mac App Store.

- Get Battery Health in the Mac App Store (Free)
- Find out about other apps made by Fiplab (Official Website)

For more on how Alex Lindsay and his team use Battery Health, check out MacBreak Weekly episode 417.