iPhone Pick: Tweetbot 3

Tweetbot 3

Rene Ritchie's pick on MacBreak Weekly 374 is Tweetbot 3, the latest version of the popular Twitter client from Tapbots. Tweetbot 3 has a whole new interface that fits into the design of Apple's iOS 7.

The previous version of Tweetbot had a lot of character as a richly textured application in iOS 6, so it wasn't clear how it would adapt to iOS 7. But Tapbots managed to put the personality of the previous version into Tweetbot 3 in the form of animations and the use of physics.

While Tweetbot 3 has a refreshing new look and feel, there are features that haven't been implemented yet. Tapbots has said that it plans to implement a dark theme, independent fonts from the system font setting, and more. It's also a new app, not just an update, so current Tweetbot users will need to pay for the new version.

- Find out more about Tweetbot 3
- Get Tweetbot 3 in the App Store ($2.99)

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