iPhone Pick: Saidoka iPhone Dock

Saidoka iPhone Dock

Allison Sheridan's pick on MacBreak Weekly 378 is the Saidoka iPhone dock by Bluelounge Design. Instead of standing the phone up vertically like many docks on the market, the Saidoka keeps your phone lying down so you can still use it while it's docked. It also has very sticky feet on the bottom so the phone won't slide around while you're trying to use it.

With the Saidoka dock, there's no need to take your iPhone out of its case. There's a removable rubber insert so that it can fit iPhones whether it's in a case or not. It's sold with a lightning or 30-pin connector, depending on what iPhone you own, and comes with a cable for charging.

- Buy the Saidoka iPhone Dock from RadTech ($49.95)

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