iPhone Pick: Moju


Alex Lindsay's pick on MacBreak Weekly 402 is the Moju app for iPhone. Moju is similar in concept to Vine, but with a unique "twist." Instead of just looping back short video clips, Moju relies on you actually twisting or pivoting the phone to see more. The result is an interactive panorama that allows you to see multiple angles of a photo, or see things change in a scene.

It's simple to create Mojus. Just tap on the big blue shutter button, and hold down to take several in quick succession. The app allows you to take up to 24 photos for one Moju, but you could also take fewer and still get the same basic effect. There are also a few Instagram-like filters that can be applied.

Moju is somewhere in between video and still photos, which is what makes it so compelling. Moju is available for free in the iOS app store. To hear Alex Lindsay's take on Moju, check out MacBreak Weekly episode 402.

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