iPhone Pick: Mimi Hearing Test

Mimi Hearing Test

Leo's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 408 is the Mimi Hearing Test app for iPhone. This hearing test is very similar to what an audiologist would perform to check for hearing loss. After you start the hearing test, the app will play a series of tones in each ear. When you hear a sound, just press the "left" or "right" button that corresponds with the ear in which you heard the tone.

Once the test is complete, Mimi will provide detailed statistics on your hearing. It will show you the frequencies each ear is capable of hearing. Mimi then helps you understand more about noise induced hearing loss and how hearing changes with age. You can even tap through impairment profiles that simulate different types of hearing loss.

Mimi is currently only calibrated for Apple's earbuds and Sennheiser HDA 200 headphones. Test accuracy also depends on the ambient noise level, and the app won't even run the test if it's too loud. This is an interesting app to estimate your hearing ability, but it doesn't replace the advice given by a qualified professional.

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