iPhone Pick: Draco Designs Aluminum Bumpers


Rene Ritchie's pick on MacBreak Weekly episode 377 is the Ducati series aluminum bumper for iPhone by Draco Design. This is a premium bumper that's inspired by the famous Ducati motorcycles. It fits around the iPhone similar to the way Apple's bumpers used to.

Draco Design's aluminum bumpers add extra protection and make your iPhone more distinctive without hiding the original design. It comes in a variety of colors, and comes with a matching lanyard and stylus.

This aluminum bumper isn't for someone who wants to take the bumper on and off of the phone frequently, though. It attaches with two tiny screws which makes it more difficult to install. If you use special accessories or thick media cables, then you may want to consider this more carefully.

Because this is a premium, quality product, it's more expensive than many other cases on the market. These bumpers range in price from $29.99 all the way up to $99.99 for the deluxe gold model.

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